Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Puglia, 100% Italian

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The climate of this land, the different varieties of olives such as Peranzana, Coratina, Ogliarola, the Rotondella.

The milling in the day with cold extraction without the use of chemicals are the main factors that make our extra virgin olive oil of superior quality because, thanks to the care in the processing steps, the ‘olive oil preserves all its properties organoleptic properties.

Only this method guarantees a rigid Olive Oil free acidity, in our less than 1% oil.

The oil produced by us, green and yellow gold and with a low degree of acidity is supplied in bottles of 0.50 liters, 0.25 liters of milk and in various format.

The “lemon flavored” is supplied in bottles of 0.25 liters.

Gift packs are in bottles of 0.25 liters.

Frantoio Pietramontecorvino - Olio Extra Vergnine di Oliva - Pugliese 100% Italiano


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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