100% Italian olives

Oil in the province of Foggia > Puglia > Italy

The milling in the day with cold extraction without the use of chemicals are the main factors that make our extra virgin olive oil of superior quality. Only this method guarantees a rigid Olive Oil free acidity, in our less than 0.6% oil.

Every day brings to your table the best of Olive Oil from Puglia. Product prince for a healthy Mediterranean diet and blessing for the health and beauty of the person.


For the purpose of optimal conservation should be stored in a cool, dry place and should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The product keeps well in those conditions, even after the open.

Frantoio Pietramontecorvino - Olio Extra Vergnine di Oliva - Pugliese 100% Italiano

Extra Virgin Olive Oil flavored with lemon

Produced by maceration of untreated lemons

Extra virgin olive oil of superior category obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

0.250 liter bottle;


The extra virgin olive oil with lemon once the product is stored in tanks of stainless steel with hermetically sealed away from light and air. To have a perfect amalgam, from time to time, is slowly stirred.


The lemon oil before being bottled is stirred very slowly for a couple of hours in order to obtain a homogeneous product.


The nose releases a feeling of freshly pressed lemon, the palate is fresh and sweet with a slightly bitter aftertaste of lemon peel. This lemon oil therefore has an exceptional taste, even trying it on a simple bruschetta leaves the mouth fresh and fragrant.

Ideal for dressing of fine salads.
Perfect mix for a good plate of noodles with lemon, recommended to accompany fish and meat cooked grilled or steamed.



Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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