Frantoio Pietramontecorvino

The history of a family

The history of our mill, began in 1970 when Vincent Piacquadio and his wife initiates the production of extra virgin olive oil as a sole proprietorship and then a mill with traditional presses.

The nineties to now have taken over as the heirs mill Pietramontecorvino name of the country in which it is located. Pietramontecorvino The circuit is part of the most beautiful villages in Italy and Orange flag of the Italian Touring Club.

The mill is located near the center of the country dominated by the characteristic position in view of the Norman tower Angevin place to visit.

The crusher Pietramontecorvino produces extra virgin olive oil for their own account and third with sales and product packaging in cans and bottles of various sizes. The Company fully renovated in recent years, preserves the traditions related to the quality and authenticity of the product.



The heirs in accordance with the traditions continue to produce outstanding oil fruity , intense and fragrant. The extra virgin olive oil is obtained from a cuvee of different varieties of olives ( Coratina, Peranzana , Leccino and Romanella ), which are harvested at the right stage of ripeness between the end of October and the first half of November with the use of combs and networks , select and within a few hours transported to the mill where they are pressed in ventilated boxes with cold pressing .

Our virgin and only then is obtained from the pressing of fresh olives escusivamente , quality first , picked and pressed , which have not undergone other treatment in addition to washing, separation from twigs and leaves and centrifugation .

Buy our oil means then have the security to bring to the table all the genuineness of extra 100% Italian . Confirms the high quality of our virgin the extremely low percentage of oleic acid ( the so-called ” acid ” ) that was present.

Quality and transparency.

We have submitted our virgin to appropriate chemical analysis to give you the assurance of its high quality.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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